OBRRP is an online, batch, and real-time retrieve platform. It was developed based on a series of different plant genome database, and facilitates the data extraction used in studies of functional genomics, including comparative genomics, co-expressed genes, bio-related genes, and so on.

OBRRP can be used to retrieve the data including the DNA sequences, and the genomic locations of:
    1)Gene transcripts (-introns, +UTRs);
    2)Gene CDS (-introns, -UTRs);
    3)Genes (+introns, +UTRs);
    5)5' UTRs (5' Untranslated Regions);
    6)3' UTRs (3' Untranslated Regions);
    7)Loci Upstream;
    8)Loci Downstream;
    9)Genomic any regions;

OBRRP allows you to retrieve data using a list of standard gene identifiers or genomic regions (see examples on each page of species).
After a form submitted, a new web page will appear and the data you want to retrieve will be output in FASTA format.

If the result returns a blank page, there may be a identifier not existed, or the server based by OBRRP is temporarily unavailable.

The longest time for server receives and sends is 300s. So, if your result returns an error, your input might be too many. A alternative way is to reduce your input gene number.

Please cite the following article if you found OBRRP helpful in your work:
Changqing Zhang*, Lingfei Shangguan, Hailing Li, Jin Wang. An Online, Batch, and Real-time Retrieval Platform for Genomic Sequences and Annotation of Horticultural Plants. Bulletin of botany, 2015, 50(3): 388-393. Link

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